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The Process


I start all projects by getting to know you and your business. Each project starts with a comprehensive questionnaire about your business’s past, present, and future. This will allow me to really get to know you and focus on your business's unique purpose. I believe having open and honest communication is absolutely essential to creating a strong brand.



Next, I’ll analyze the information you have provided to craft an in-depth brand strategy that outlines your business’s purpose, target audience, competition, and your overall goals. This brand strategy will serve as the cornerstone of all decisions moving forward. A preliminary color palette and mood board will be included in the brand strategy. Once we have agreed that the brand strategy fully captures your business’s purpose, we’ll move on to designing.



Using all of the information and inspiration we’ve collected thus far, I’ll begin developing the visual concept. I work using the One Concept Approach, which allows for a smooth design process. Once I have crafted an authentic branding concept it will be presented to you in PDF, where I will walk you through my design rationale. 



Next, we’ll walk through a round of refinements by discussing what is working with your proposed design and where there is room to grow. My number one goal is to create the best design solution that truly feels authentic to you and your business.



Depending on the package you choose, once the main branding (logos, color palette, etc.) is approved I’ll begin designing your collateral piece(s) and Squarespace website. Each item will also include a single of round of refinements. 



Lastly, once all design work is completed and approved I will package all branding assets for you. I will include all file formats you will need for further success. Depending on your project, this is when I will walk you through your custom Squarespace site. Now all that’s left is to celebrate your new brand and website!


*THE ONE CONCEPT APPROACH - quality over quantity

As a designer I follow the One Concept Approach, which means after I have analyzed your questionnaire responses and we have approved your brand strategy I will deliver to you a single design concept for your approval. This doesn’t mean I wont create multi concepts, it just means I will only present you the strongest design that meets the goals we set in your brand strategy. The One Concept Approach works because I take the time to deeply understand your business and your target audience. This why designing is the third step in my process, because I first focus on truly getting to you and your business.